24/7 vehicle rescue all over Oslo and Akershus 

If the car has failed due to breakdown, flat battery or engine trouble, we are ready to help you.
We remove all vehicles regardless of the cause and size of the car, including stucked car and after collision.
Our major focus is on reducing the damages on the car. We have 24/7-service!

Heavy vehicle removing

Sæter Auto provides the necessary equipment for removing heavy vehicles such as:

- Trucks
- Buses
-Commercial vehicles.

Has traffic stopped because of stuck or overturned truck?
Contact Sæter Auto - we remove the vehicle quickly and smoothly.

Transport service

Sæter Auto offers most transport services:
- Pilot car services
- Driver rental for truck, machine driver or pilot car
- Machine transportation
- Special Transportation
- Asphalt Transport
-Shipping and moving of machines, rigs, crushers, forest machines etc.

Through our partners, we can provide assistance throughout the Nordic region, and offer most services within crane trucks, mobile cranes, special transportation, express freight of all types of shipments, crane lift, truck / wheel loader rental and containers for waste and storage.

Towing of vehicles

Has the tyre punctured or do you need help starting the car?
Are you out of fuel or electricity on your electric car?

If you contact Sæter Auto, you will be back on the road shortly.
We rescue your car, for whatever reason, including if the car is stuck or off the road.

Technical Problems With The Car

Has the vehicle suffered a breakdown? We can help you with car problems such as electrical failure, puncture, lost keys and starting difficulties.

Contact us - we have 24-hour service and will soon be at the place you are located with car assistance.

Sørliveien 22 1279 Oslo
Tlf: +4722625050

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